Hot Beef Sandwiches

Fri., Oct. 9  - 5-7PM - $8
Served by the Auxiliary

It's back!
Stacked Meatloaf Dinner
Fri., Oct. 23 - 5-7PM - $7

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We're usually closed on Mondays, but for 
this we make an exception!

Mon., Oct. 26 & Mon., Nov. 23
6-9 PM in the Hall - $8 Cover
(Lounge Closed)

Mark your calendar now...
Thanksgiving Dinner & 
Think Pink Bazaar
Fri., Nov. 20 - 5-7PM - $9

Every week in the Hall:
Wild Bill Elliott & the Pony Express
Classic Country Music - $5 Cover
Every Thursday Night from 5-9PM
Kitchen open for short orders 5-7PM
Come try our new dance floor!

Events in the Hall shown on our website are open to the public. Events in the Lounge are for members only.